Six Steps to Implementing Restorative Practices

August 14, 2018

In all the talk about the importance of reducing suspensions and other exclusionary discipline practices in schools, one question looms large for most educators and administrators: What do we do instead? For many people, part of the answer lies in restorative practices.
The Role Relationships Play in Preparing Young People for the Workforce

March 06, 2017

A mentor, a teacher, an advisor, a friend; a web of relationships to support you. New research says that webs of relationships provide unique support necessary to foster the success of the 5.6 million opportunity youth in the United States, 16-24 year-olds not working and not in school. 
I’ve Interviewed Hundreds of “Dropouts.” Most Are Heartbreaking. This One is a Real Success Story.

October 28, 2015

America's Promise Alliance and the Center for Promise published a new study this fall, Don't Quit On Me: What Young People Who Left School Say About the Power of Relationships. Craig McClay, a lead researcher on the report, has spoken to hundreds of young people who left school before graduating about their experiences.
When Adults Don’t Quit On Youth, Youth Won’t Quit On Themselves

September 18, 2015

America’s Promise Alliance published a new study this fall, Don't Quit On Me: What Young People Who Left School Say About the Power of Relationships, and invited young people to share their stories about the power of relationships. Ola’s is the first post in a series by young people about the ways adults and peers can help more young people graduate from high school.
High School Graduation: It Starts with Hope and A Community of Champions

June 13, 2014

While it may not appear so at first reading, there is some truly hopeful and promising news presented in the newly released report Don’t Call Them Dropouts:  Understanding the Experiences of Young People Who Leave High School Before Graduation. With the support of Target, America’s Promise Alliance’s Center for Promise has produced a “must read” report of its research, based on surveys and interviews with teens most at risk for not staying in high school and graduating.  Before I say more, let me quickly summarize two fairly recent studies that essentially rep
Don't call them dropouts. But what do we call them?

June 11, 2014

According to the recent 2014 Building a GradNation report from America's Promise, the United States has reached an 80 percent high school graduation rate for the first time in history. Truly an accomplishment we need to celebrate!