Our National and Moral Responsibility to Young People

April 18, 2018

Adults often complain that kids today don't respect their elders. But what happens when it's the other way around? What if young people are the ones who are not getting the respect and dignity they need to be successful in school and life?
Year-end is Prime Time for Reflection

December 20, 2016

In 2016, I saw lots of possibility and lots of peril, too, and t fills me with a combination of hope and determination for the work ahead.
What’s Working: To Increase Grad Rates, Increase the Number of Adults In Your Community

October 20, 2016

For every seven more adults in a neighborhood, there is one fewer young person who leaves school without graduating. That’s a major finding from a new Center for Promise study, Who’s Minding the Neighborhood? The Role of Adult Capacity in Keeping Young People on a Path to Graduation.
New Study Finds that for Every Seven More Adults in a Neighborhood, One Fewer Young Person Leaves School

October 10, 2016

The more adults in a community, the more young people stay on a path toward academic success, regardless of other factors that influence a young person’s educational trajectory, according to new research released today by the Center for Promise, the research institute of America’s Promise Alliance.
What Turns Chronic Absence Around?

September 08, 2016

Nearly all school districts have some chronically absent students, but half of the nation’s 6.5 million chronically absent students – those who miss three or more weeks of school – are concentrated in just 4 percent of its districts, according to a new analysis of federal data.

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Five Reasons I’m Optimistic About the Class of 2020

September 08, 2016

I don’t have teenage kids any more, but I do have a special interest in the nearly 4 million kids who are just starting high school right now. Back in 2010, the GradNation campaign set a goal of 90 percent high school graduation by 2020, and we’ve made great progress since then, reaching an all-time high graduation rate of 82.3 percent. 
The Suspension Debate: New Research Debunks the Myths

June 16, 2016

Faulty reasoning is often used as the rationale for suspending students. Here are some common arguments:
9 Articles that Showcase the Power of Caring Adults to Help Youth Graduate

March 29, 2016

The number and quality of articles on promising practices in education are increasing, and there’s much to learn from what others are doing around the country to improve the lives of young people.

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Comprehensive Community Action Takes Root In North Carolina

November 18, 2015

There is a burgeoning national movement embracing collaboration as a tool for addressing young people’s interconnected needs, bringing together multiple sectors to pursue a common agenda and reach shared goals. 
American Graduate Day 2015

September 22, 2015

According to the 2015 Building a Grad Nation report, the national high school graduation rate has hit a record high at 81.4 percent – on track to achieve 90 percent by 2020. But while the overall news is encouraging, there is still significant work to be done, particularly for students of color, students from low-income families, and young people with disabilities whose graduations are lagging behind the national average.