Springfield, MA Community Summit


Springfield, MA

Event Name

Stay in School Presents: Springfield GradNation 2014

Event Description 

More than 130 members of the Springfield, Massachusetts community gathered on November 6 for the Springfield GradNation Community Summit, part of America's Promise Alliance’s GradNation Campaign. A wide range of participants from the city, business, non-profit and education sectors were in attendance to discuss how to help ensure the community’s students walk across the stage come graduation. Keynote speaker Michael Smith, Senior Director of Cabinet Affairs at My Brother’s Keeper Initiative and Springfield native, emphasized the importance of all sectors and community leaders working together to help youth succeed. Smith reinforced the importance of collaboration and the need for many caring adults within the community by sharing his story with summit participants.

Summit Summary

Event Date and Time

November 6, 2014, 3:00-8:00pm

Event Location

Springfield College
Judd Gymnasia

Convening Organization 

United Way of Pioneer Valley, http://www.uwpv.org

Keynote Speaker

  • Michael Smith, director, Social Innovation Fund: Spoke about how to successfully unite public and private resources to evaluate and grow innovative community-based solutions that have evidence of results in low-income communities in any of three priority areas: economic opportunity, healthy futures