Jani Bakke

Front Office Associate

Jani Bakke is front office associate at America’s Promise Alliance.  She manages the operation of the front office and performs various tasks related to the operations of the organization. Because she has always wanted to work with children, and issues relating to their well-being, she majored in Education and minored in Recreation at the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, WA, and continued with master’s classes at Boston University and the University of MD.

Bakke has the honor of being the longest tenured America’s Promise staff member, and was part of the team that worked on the President’s Summit in 1997 in Philadelphia, which was the foundation from which America’s Promise grew. Through her work at America’s Promise, she continues to fuel her life-long interest in helping meet the needs of children to develop their potential as healthy adults.

Phone: 202-657-0600

Email: [email protected]

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