Tampa Dropout Prevention Summit


  • The Tampa Summit will bring together key partners from all sectors within our community to develop an Action Plan with measures and timelines to serve as a community blueprint to address the dropout crisis.  The School District has rich resources in adult education and dropout recovery through its four career centers and four adult and technical education centers and community partners; however the Tampa Summit will give the community an opportunity to unite all efforts, educate the community at large, and develop a system-wide plan with realistic measures and timelines that every citizen in Hillsborough County can embrace.
  • Individual breakout sessions at the Summit will be organized to develop and support already in place targeted strategies to assist low performing schools. Some strategies already in place may be expanded or re-directed, such as Family and School Support Teams (FAST Teams) currently in place at Title 1 schools.  In other cases, a better assessment of the need and available resources will allow the Summit Team to deploy resources for maximum impact.
  • Both the Mayor of Tampa and Superintendent of Schools has agreed to speak at the summit, commit staff expertise to develop the Action Plan, and commit to implementation of the Action Plan

Summit Planning Team: TBD