Teen Study Center

Idea Leader: Panarot Sam

Location: Pomona, CA

Partner Organization: Garey High School

Project Summary: Students in an AVID program at Garey High School including Swantavia Johnson, 17, knew that students needed an inviting place to study. The group researched and planned a Teen Study Center where students could find a quiet, comfortable place to work.


Garey’s Teen Study Center Created By Students for Students

Garey has its first Teen study center created by students for students. Five AVID students Shawntavia Johnson, Adilene Flores, Jenna Mckinnie, Norma Rodriguez and Panarot Sam created the Teen Study Center. As a group we applied for a grant by America’s Promise Alliance. We won that grant a value of  $5,000.

With the money we plan on created our Teen Study Center for students to come study, do homework, projects, and get extra help for assignments or class help. Each of use has equally had partnership with the assembly of putting together the room.

Our initial support partner was Danielle Moatakef, but unfortunately she was transferred to other school. So JaVian Jones our now junior AVID teacher is now our support partner. The study wanted to be establishing because it was needed, for those students who needed a place where they can quietly do work. The Teen Study Center will be located in Garey High School.  Due to the fact each room that we were supposed to have the center has been changed we do not have a permanent room choice.