Toledo Dropout Prevention Summit

Summit Location: Dana Center, The University of Toledo Health Science Campus


  • The United Way of Greater Toledo led this summit with approximately 150 people in attendance. The Toledo Public Schools Superintended, President and CEO of the Greater Toledo United Way, Toledo Urban League and Fifth Third Bank were all in attendance. There was a strong showing from the juvenile justice and foster care systems as well.
  • The keynote speaker was Governor Bob Wise and he gave a solid presentation on the economic impact of dropouts on the local Toledo economy. The breakout sessions were focused on graduation outcomes and improving college readiness. Participants were given a discussion and planning worksheet to serve as a guide as they listened to presentations, formulated questions, engaged in discussions and planning next steps.



• City and County Agencies: Job and Family Services, Juvenile Courts, Family and Children First Council
• Young People: Teens from various community youth development programs, schools, government agencies, and institutions. (Youth Treatment Center, Independent Living - Foster Care, Ability Center of Greater Toledo, Waite High School - TPS, Life Skills Academy, Achieve Academy, YMCA Youth Opportunities Program & Chance for Change)
• Business: Toledo’s Chamber of Commerce, various local boards
• Non-profits: Partners in Education, Greater Toledo Urban League, Coalition for Youth Enrichment
• Elected Officials: Toledo School Board, Lucas County Commissioners, Toledo City Council, City of Toledo Mayor

Toledo's Dropout Prevention Action Plan