Tucson Dropout Prevention Summit

Summit Location: Sunnyside High School, 1725 E Bilby Rd. Tucson, AZ


This summit was hosted by Mayor’s office and was held at Sunnyside High School where over 200 high school students and approximately 120 community leaders participated. The purpose of the summit was to encourage collaboration and facilitate action to improve graduation rates. It was also designed as a “go to the source” convening where the students were asked directly for input and suggestions for increasing graduation rates in their community.

  • Summit leaders did an intake of the myriad of comments, themes and “lessons learned” they received from the participating students. The summit convening team will synthesize the information and work to incorporate much of what they learned from the day’s events into a dropout prevention plan.

Summit Planning Team:

  • Metropolitan Education Commission: Dr. June Webb-Vignary
  • Tucson Unified School District: Holly Colonna and Doris F. Williams
  • Pima County Public Defenders Office: Eva Bacal
  • Pima and Santa Cruz Tech Prep Consortium: Mary Jondrow
  • Youth Education Security: Lou Barskey
  • Casey Family Programs: Cedric Davis
  • Tucson Teen Congress: Fran Embrey Senechal
  • United Way: LaVonne Douville
  • Pima County Schools Superintendents Office: Dr. Linda Arzumanian
  • Pima Community College
  • University of Arizona  Sheri Bauman
  • Arizona Education Association: Rick Lesco
  • Erin Hart, Office of Governor Janet Napolitano, Associate Director, Governor's P-20 Council
  • YMCA  Dan Woll, CEO Tucson Metropolitan YMCA

Tucson's Dropout Prevention Action Plan

Progress Since the Summit

  • The planning team has conducted a survey of 15 school districts in the greater Tucson region, in an attempt to develop a landscape analysis of all the middle- and high-schools’ programs and services aimed at dropout prevention and recovery.
  • Tucson has set a goal of reaching a 90% graduation rate in the next 10 years (up from 78% currently). There is also strong interest in getting college planning to start in the 8th grade.