Utah Dropout Prevention Summit

Summit Location: TBD


  • United Way’s vision for the Dropout Prevention Leadership Summit is to bring together business, education, and non-profit leaders to create a strategy to reduce the number of dropouts in the state of Utah.
  • The goal of the Dropout Prevention Leadership Summit will be to align our efforts with education reform strategies that will lead individuals to success in college, work, and life. We will bring together various stakeholders to determine what supports will be necessary to put in place to meet those expectations.
  • Governor Huntsman’s office supports our efforts to host the Dropout Prevention Leadership Summit, and the Governor will likely speak at the event. We expect to work with him to articulate clear goals, objectives and measures that will improve the state high school graduation rate. We will build on existing education reform efforts, including the Governor’s work and our Community Learning Center initiative, to raise academic expectations in a way that will ensure individuals’ success in college, work, and life.
  • Youth will be involved in the planning of the Summit, assume speaking roles during the summit and participate in follow-up activities such as conference session panels and change council meetings. By forging relationships between youth and community leaders during the Summit, we will ensure the ongoing participation of youth who are uniquely positioned to describe the challenges faced by their peers who are at risk of dropping out of school.