Vision to Victory

Idea Leader: Gregory Hunter

Location: Louisville, KY

Partner Organization: Louisville Urban League

Project Summary: Five Idea Leaders organized by Raven Jackson, 17, spent nearly 500 hours planning a marketing campaign with the community slogan of Vision to Victory. A large portion of that time was dedicated to organizing a 2-mile Graduation Walk in partnership with the Louisville Urban League. 

Local Teens Produce a Vision to Reduce Dropout Rate

Five local teens in The Metropolitan Louisville Community determined to raise awareness about local dropout rate and promote higher education created, Vision to Victory. Vision to Victory includes the following members Raven Jackson--who is the idea leader, and Gregory Hunter Breohnna Thompson, Da’Sjohnay Persley and Michael Lamar who are the idea planners.

“The goal is simple, preventing dropouts from high school and throughout our community” said Gregory Hunter, one of the idea planners.

The five devout participants have dedicated nearly 500 hours of service time, in making this goal a reality. Vision to Victory was formed when their Adult Supporter, Fet’Hanie Davis, presented the grant to the group, from there the group banded together and wrote their first grant proposal. Initially, the group thought that they had a chance at winning the state level grant of $1,500, but soon found that they had won the national level grant for $15,000. Through learning that, the group was able to make intelligent decisions and work towards a great project. 

Vision to Victory, knew they had their work cut-out for them, knowing that Louisville alone dropout rate is nearly 40%, and 60% of the 40% were African-Americans. In knowing this Vision to Victory, held many educational summits, and made numerous appearances at different Louisville Urban League functions, all this was done to reach the masses about the dropout rate. Our city’s mayor has stated that, “Dropping out is the problem, Vision to Victory is the solution.” Our community is eager for a solution to stop this never ending cycle which is dropping out.

In addition to the many events Vision to Victory have held previously, Vision to Victory has formed and teamed up with numerous community activists to put on their finale event which is, “The Graduation Walk.” On Saturday, June 18 at the Louisville Waterfront Park, 2011 graduates from across Louisville, Kentucky and Jeffersonville, Indiana will walk with together in celebrating their accomplishments. With strong encouragement from family and others within the community, the graduates will lead a two-mile walk through the Waterfront Park. The Graduation Walk event will take place from 10 a.m. until 2p.m. with registration beginning at 10a.m, and continuing with guest speakers, live entertainment, giveaways and much more!

With all the events that Vision to Victory has held, the group knew that marketing was necessary to getting their message across. In doing this, the group has ambitiously embarked in creating a marketing plan with flyers, bulletins, eBlasts, Facebook, Twitter, radio and television appearances, and a 60 second video promotion that is currently being run on YouTube, and other social media sites. The group has had help from the Urban League and a local advertising agency, Ad hawks, who did the video coverage for the commercial.  

In conclusion, the efforts of these teens have been extraordinary throughout the community, with their philanthropy, as well as their strong will to prevent drop outs. The community has been impacted like never before, with such a strong message, and such a powerful vision. Help them to exclaim their message of See You at the Finish Line!