Youth Profile in Action

Mental Health is very important to everyone. You need to have that “HAPPY PLACE” inside of you to know and to say, “Hey I am Ok,” which I try to do every day. Sometimes this can be a big struggle, I understand, I have been there. But I try to keep myself motivated with many things that I have learned over the years. I also work with FRiENDS with Rita Thrasher, and I have gone to presentations and spoken publicly – openly and honestly – about how life should really be. Here is my best advice: people have lots of issues as time goes on – but we need to cope. We need to find the light at the end of the tunnel, we need to open the door and see the future in front of us! We can do this in many ways. One thing everyone needs to understand is that your brain can only do two things at once. So be in control of yourself, take charge, and do things you love! For instance – stay in the know, watch television, type on the computer or go someplace you admire, take some photographs and listen to music you enjoy.

Sure, I can tell you all the work I have done in the past, but what I really want to explain is the lessons learned: I have learned to be flexible, that patience is key, adapt to your environment or situation you are in mentally and/or physically, and make sure you always have something with you to make you feel better – something that gives you pleasure.

It’s always great to keep your head up in tough situations. I know this can be very difficult, but YOU can do it. The key is to find the good side of things in a process, or look at someone “in their shoes.” How do they feel? Where do THEY come from? How are THEY feeling at this very moment? I admit I am selfish at times and it’s not the best feeling. It can be a little lonely, a little unsettling….but I am working on it, and it is going great.

However, I am here to turn things around; I give when I can; I am working on a video to go online to show how everyone can find their comfort zones and inner peace. This new project in process is called “No Fears, No Tears.” It’s mainly about showing you how to be happy in life with all the obstacles you may face mentally- you can still handle what is coming your way, you can still find a way out. Find people you have common interests with, and find “serenity” within yourself. It’s not a hard process at all, and once you see the end result, not just the video, but of yourself transforming with a little help that will make all the difference and you will feel a million times better, not down in the dumps anymore! I am going through this process now, a little tough to do, but I am happy and that’s what matters.

Be the very best you can offer, show the world who you really are, stay strong, and be confident in yourself always and forever! Play a game you enjoy, read your favorite book, anything to get you motivated!

FRiENDS, I think, was the first group that really had people with concerns like me. This group is mainly about working towards your future goals and a basically is a “safe harbor” in the hopes of preventing dropouts, and finding your place in the world. Through FRiENDS, I have even visited a hospital and given a speech. We work through our problems; we talk and relate, and just have an all-around good time.