Abington School District, Pennsylvania


  • Community name: Abington School District
  • Community or city website
  • Population: 54,384
  • Graduation rate: 95.0%
  • Youth poverty rate: 0.9%


As a fifth-time 100 Best Communities for Young People winner, Abington School District is committed to making youth a priority. Abington School District increased its graduation rate to 95 percent and continues to provide ways for students to prepare for post-graduate goals. All Abington young people have access to college preparatory and advanced placement classes, as well as a range of leadership opportunities, such as the Superintendent’s Committees, Abington Human Relations Advisory Council and Teen Council which give young people a voice in community decisions. Students are also actively involved outside of the classroom, with programs like the H20 For Life Club, which helps raise awareness and develop solutions for the global water crisis. The community also came together to raise $100,000 to support youth programs, and the Abington YMCA exceeded its goal for its Strong Kids Campaign which helps underserved families gain access to YMCA child care and camp programs.

Community Programs

  • Opportunities to Learn de-tracked educational strands and allowed all Abington students to take a college preparatory or honors/advanced placement curriculum.
  • The Abington YMCA reached and exceeded its goal for its Strong Kids Campaign, which helps needy families access the YMCA childcare and camp programs.
  • The Superintendent’s Committee, a program for students to have a voice in education decisions, established Mandarin Chinese as a World Language course for the first time this year.
  • The Health eTools for Schools program provides web-based tools to nurses and PE/health teachers to track student health.
  • The Lions Club worked with a program at schools to refurbish eye glasses for distribution in third-world countries.
  • The H20 for Life Club at Abington High School studies problems and generates awareness about the global water crisis. 

Youth Voices

A true community is a stronghold of altruism, where people act for the benefit of others as much as they would themselves, where the assistance of the unfortunate takes precedence over the rewarding of the fortunate.


Abington School District has revealed itself to be what other school districts can only aspire to be the pinnacle of curricula, diversity, safety, and excellence.