Austin Dropout Prevention Summit

Summit Location: TBD


  • The City of Austin’s Dropout Prevention Summit will be “A Call to Service.”  The target audience will be key stakeholders from the Austin Independent School District (AISD), City of Austin, Travis County, United Way Capital Area, chambers of commerce, local business and the Community Action Network.  We envision a community that supports its young people through mentoring, tutoring and advocacy.  Thus we will call on key stakeholders to encourage adults to become more active participants in schools (e.g. mentors, tutors or advocates).
  • The summit will increase awareness about the dropout epidemic, look at how it affects our community, provide information on local efforts to improve outcomes for local youth and emphasize the importance of adults being involved with youth in schools in other capacities besides teaching.  The summit will also be an opportunity for various partners to improve coordination of the strategies already being implemented to address the dropout problem in Austin and Central Texas.
  • The overall goal of the summit is to build consensus that active support of our youth can increase the number of students graduating from high school.  Programs providing opportunities for caring adults to become more involved will be highlighted. The number of students who receive tutoring, mentoring or advocacy by a caring, supportive adult will be increased.

Summit Planning Team: TBD