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Youth discuss why they feel unsafe in their communities.

Young people discuss their mistrust of the police.


Sierra W. discusses ensuring that people of color are at the table when it comes to hiring.

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Moving Toward An Anti-Racist Future
As we grapple with the recent violence in Wisconsin, America’s Promise and The 74 Million held a Youth Town Hall to hear the perspectives and advice of young people during this important moment in our history. In that conversation, Shanyce, a high school senior from Staten Island, NY, said something that is particularly relevant in this moment: "This can’t be just politics—this is the reality that I come home to. We can’t brush it off and say ‘it happens’–schools should have open conversations about this, because it’s not going away.”
Sierra W.
5 Ways Employers Can Support Black Employees: A Young Leader’s Advice
I wish employers knew how tired people of color are of hiding their authentic selves. It starts from birth.
hands of youth and adult
As students, our voices aren’t a burden — they’re an asset
Last year, my school was ranked no. 1 in the state. That same week, two of my classmates were punished for circulating an image in which they wore blackface and used hate-filled language toward the Black community. This wasn’t an isolated incident. My school’s lack of diversity is impossible to ignore — 3.5% of the student body is Black.
Racial Trauma and Young People: A Commitment to Action
On May 25th, George Floyd died as a result of an egregious act of police brutality. In the two weeks since, communities around the country have risen up in outrage and in search of justice for Mr.
black youth
Racial Trauma and Young People – Why We Can’t Stay Silent
Like so many others, we were deeply pained by the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis this past Monday. Unfortunately, this was not an isolated incident.
Fenced in area
Youth Voice: How Mass Incarceration Imprisons the Black Community
What is the biggest issue facing your community and what should be done about it? This is the question select Dunbar High students answered in a two-minute "Project Soapbox" speech in participation with the Mikva Challenge, an organization that develops youth to be empowered, informed, and active citizens. This story is an edited version of 10th grader Zarea Boyde’s speech. Boyde was a finalist at Mikva Challenge D.C.'s citywide Project Soapbox competition in December.

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Barriers to Wellness
Barriers to Wellness
This report provides new insights into the obstacles to wellness young people of color face in five cities and brings young people’s voices and views into the discussion about what affects their healt

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If you’re a young person, we encourage you to share your story this topic and how it is affected your life, what you are doing to cope, how you are being supported at this time, and what you need moving forward. If you’re a caring adult, we encourage you to listen! Please share these stories using #StateOfYoungPeople.

Once again, our hope is that by amplifying young people’s voices and helping them to be a part of national and local conversations, their experiences and perspectives can shape how schools, nonprofit and community organizations, out-of-school settings, employers, and policymakers support them both now and in the aftermath of the pandemic.

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