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In San Francisco, Supporting Emotional Well-Being at Home
How can parents, caregivers, and families ensure that young people’s social and emotional needs are met in an at-home learning environment?
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As students, our voices aren’t a burden — they’re an asset
Last year, my school was ranked no. 1 in the state. That same week, two of my classmates were punished for circulating an image in which they wore blackface and used hate-filled language toward the Black community. This wasn’t an isolated incident. My school’s lack of diversity is impossible to ignore — 3.5% of the student body is Black.

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The State of Young People during COVID-19 Infographic
Findings from a nationally representative survey of high school students.
Youth Engagement Guide
Youth Engagement Guide
This youth engagement guide contains actionable strategies that educators, program providers, coaches, mentors, and other youth-supporting adults can use to authentically listen to and engage with young people about how they experience social, emotional, and cognitive development. The…
The State of Young People during COVID-19
The ongoing COVID-19 public health crisis looms large, creating deep and disparate consequences for young people and their families. Our nationally representative survey of high school youth reveals their perceptions of the pandemic’s impact on their learning and their lives. The…

Hear firsthand from young people who are experiencing learning environments that prioritize their social, emotional, and cognitive development. They reflect on the importance of strong relationships with adults and peers, the ability to raise their voices and make a difference, and meaningful and engaging learning that connects to their interests and future goals.


Your Experiences Matter

If you’re a young person, we encourage you to share your story about how the pandemic has affected your life, what you are doing to cope, how you are being supported at this time, and what you need moving forward. If you’re a caring adult, we encourage you to listen! Please share these stories using #StateOfYoungPeople.

Once again, our hope is that by amplifying young people’s voices and helping them to be a part of national and local conversations, their experiences and perspectives can shape how schools, nonprofit and community organizations, out-of-school settings, employers, and policymakers support them both now and in the aftermath of the pandemic.

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