Young people across the country are feeling the effects of COVID-19 in different ways—from school closures to cancelled activities to job losses—and they are finding creative solutions to staying connected and coping with the challenges brought on by this pandemic. America’s Promise Alliance is helping them tell their stories, creating a safe platform for youth (ages 6-25) to share their experiences about life during COVID-19.

If you’re a young person, we encourage you to share your story about how the pandemic has affected your life, what you are doing to cope, how you are being supported at this time, and what you need moving forward. If you’re a caring adult, we encourage you to listen! Please share these stories using #StateOfYoungPeople.

Our hope is that by amplifying young people’s voices and helping them to be a part of national and local conversations, their experiences and perspectives can shape how schools, nonprofit and community organizations, out-of-school settings, employers, and policymakers support them both now and in the aftermath of the pandemic.

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Max L. Age 18

Jordan M. Age 18

Marissa H Age 19

Kayleigh N. Age 18

Diya, Tristan, Marlee, Hussein

Diya, Tristan, Marlee, Hussein

Joshua J. Age 18

Henry M. Age 8

Stephanie V. Age 19

Veronica V. Age 24

Jordan M. (2) Age 18