Chino, California



Chino has been recognized as one of the 100 Best Communities for Young People for a fourth time. Community collaborations, safe neighborhoods, family support, dedication to health services and access to post-secondary education are just a few of the initiatives that make Chino a community that is dedicated to its youth. Initiatives like The Teen Advisory Committee (TAC), help connect high school students with city leaders and provide input on issues their peers face. To emphasize its dedication, the city also devotes 75 percent of its Community Services Department’s $6.9 million budget to youth programming and facilities. To improve the health of students, the Chino Valley Unified School District’s Health Council works to ensure all students have: regular physical fitness in school; safe routes to school and places to be after school; and restricted foods in school that do not meet California's School Nutrition Standards.  

Community Programs

  • The Chino Valley Unified School District has developed a Health Council to support the health of Chino’s youth. Specifically, the Health Council focuses on ensuring regular physical fitness in school, creating after school partnerships, developing safe routes to school and restricting foods in school that do not meet California's School Nutrition Standards.
  • The Teen Advisory Committee (TAC) is made up of junior and high school students, whose objective is to provide City leaders with vital input on teen issues.  The Teen Advisory Committee has seven voting members, represented by a diverse group of students from the schools in Chino.
  • The partnership between the City and the Chino Valley Unified School District has provided a variety of successful programs, including: The TYKES (Training Young Kids for Early Success) program for early childhood education; Students On A Rise (SOAR) and High Five providing elementary after school programs at eight schools. Ramona After School Achievement Program (RAAP) and Aspire provide after school programs for junior high students; in-school counseling for grades K-12; Aim Higher, an intervention and prevention program for grades 4-12; Special Friends and PALS (Positive Actions for Life Success) for elementary age children with a focus on positive educational experiences and personal development. CARE and EXCEL programs assist with guaranteed education for homeless children.

Youth Voices

The reason I go to the after school program is to get help on my homework. They also have a lot of dances and fun activities.


I have volunteered at The Y since I was 9. Every experience has empowered me and made me stronger. I have advanced from being a swim instructor aide to teaching my own classes this summer. This shows the increase of trust, responsibility, and, maturity that I have been given by the directors, due to helping at The Y.