Colorado Springs, CO Community Summit


Colorado Springs

Event Name

The 4th R: Improving the Odds through Resilience

Convening Organization

Pikes Peak United Way

Event Description

Pikes Peak United Way, in collaboration with America’s Promise Alliance, will convene local businesses, educators, community leaders, nonprofits, and others to support our students in growing their college and career aspirations on Wednesday, May 4 from 8am to 4pm at the Pinery, 775 West Bijou.  The goal of this Grad Nation Community Summit is to engage in conversations and explore partnerships that will provide students with the support network and resiliency skills they need to overcome obstacles in their lives and discover success both within and beyond the K-12 setting.  Although Colorado Springs has been successful in increasing our community's high school graduation rate, there are still significant segments of our population in which critical disparities exist.  Most people are familiar with the three ‘R’s of reading, writing, and arithmetic.  We believe the missing link, particularly for students most at-risk of dropping out, is resilience. 

At the Summit we will:

  • Gain shared understanding of educational barriers that exist, especially for youth from low-income families
  • Discover more ways businesses can connect and partner with education
  • Unpack the connection between resilience, dropout prevention, and educational attainment
  • Showcase successful initiatives and programs in our community that work to empower young people

Summit Details


Keynote Speaker

Chase Mielke, Teacher, Plainwell Community Schools, Plainwell, Michigan

Featured Session:

“Embodying an Idea: Changemakers in Action”

Local middle and high school students present on their experiences with social entrepreneurship this past semester.