Game Changers: Celebrating & Learning from Black Youth Leadership

What can we learn from Black history about centering youth leadership?

How can adults and youth partner together to make meaningful change?

What are Black youth telling adults in power, and are they listening?

As we reflect on our country’s history and the progress Black people have led, we see a strong legacy of youth leadership. Many of the major accomplishments in the fight for equality have been the result of youth activism, youth-led policy change, and the relentless action of new generations unsatisfied with the status quo. While the energy of youth leadership is valuable in its own right, it can have even more impact when combined with support from adults who hold power.

This Black History Month, America’s Promise Alliance invites you to join us in a conversation with Black youth and adult leaders to explore how we can share power and work across generations to write the next chapter of progress for the United States.

Friday, February 26, 2021 1:00 – 2:30 PM ET

Missed the event?  Watch the recording here:

Highlighted insights from Black Leaders:



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