Latinx Youth and Leadership: A Roundtable with Latinx Leaders

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, injustice against immigrants, and efforts to combat racism in the U.S., it is critically important that youth development organizations, schools, and system leaders represent the children and youth they serve. 

In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, America’s Promise Alliance and Communities In Schools will co-host a virtual roundtable of Latinx youth and adult leaders at different levels of the youth development field, from community-based organizations to national nonprofits. This virtual roundtable will dig into key issues facing Latinx young people and discuss priorities for continuing to support Latinx leadership across national and community-based nonprofit organizations.

At the bottom of this page please check out resources mentioned during the webinar.

latinx leaders walking
Wednesday Oct 14 - Wednesday Oct 14, 2020
Nationwide: Webinar
latinx leaders walking

Missed the event?  Watch the recording here:

Insights from Latinx Leaders:


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