America's Promise Healthy Schools Fund

America's Promise Healthy Schools Fund
Program Purpose

America's Promise Healthy Schools Fund

Every young person deserves a foundation of health to be able to grow and thrive. Yet good health is out of reach for many young people. That’s why America’s Promise Alliance seeks to bolster health at one of the most critical intersections of youth and their communities: school. We believe that when communities have healthy schools, young people will experience greater health, achieve better academic outcomes, and in turn, impact the entire community. By increasing the number of healthy schools, we can create the conditions for every child to have a healthy, successful life.

America’s Promise is leading this effort as part of the Together for Healthy and Successful Schools initiative funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. The initiative is a collective effort to better understand the dynamics in diverse schools and communities that foster or stand in the way of creating healthier school environments. As a part of this initiative, America’s Promise seeks to activate and align existing and new stakeholders at both the local and national levels to build demand for healthy schools.

The America's Promise Healthy Schools Fund will support communities working to create healthier school environments for all children. Recognizing that school-centered health intersects with many areas outside of education—housing, employment, transportation, and food access— as well as many audiences, efforts should serve as a hub for cross-sector collaboration, youth and community engagement, and broader policy and systemic change.

America’s Promise will award three to five grants of up to $150,000 each per year for two years (for a total of up to $300,000) to collaborative efforts that display alignment with this vision and a proven ability to accelerate positive change for young people in schools and their communities.

 America’s Promise Healthy Schools Fund Applicant Informational Webinar November 28th 2017



Applicants MUST:

  • Be a public, private, or non-profit organization with an explicit mission to serve children, youth, and communities (e.g. community-based organization, foundation, government agency, school district, collective impact coalition);
  • Be connected to multiple sectors (e.g. health, education, housing, economic development) and stakeholders across the community;
  • Demonstrate evidence of prior collaboration with key stakeholders on health or education initiatives;
  • Be active in one of the following states: Alaska, California, Colorado, District of Columbia, Florida, Idaho, Indiana, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Dakota, Oregon, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Texas, or Washington;
  • Have school district commitment as a partner to the initiative and evidence of a collaborative relationship with key district leaders/officials; If the applicant is a school district, it must have community partner commitment and evidence of a collaborative relationship with leaders in the community;
  • Have commitment to health equity and to serving young people facing the greatest obstacles to thriving.


November 13, 2017 Application package released
November 28, 2017  Informational webinar
December 7, 2017 Informational webinar
January 22, 2018 at 8 PM ET Application deadline
Late March 2018 Applicants were notified of funding decisions
April 2018 Grant start date
April 2020 Grant end date
Application Deadline

Application Deadline

The application deadline has passed; applications were due on January 22nd, 2018. Notifications of funding decisions were sent to applicants in early April. We will be announcing the winners in the fall of 2018.

Application Templates

Application Templates

The following template files are available for drafting purposes. Only final content submitted in the Grant Application Portal will be accepted for review.

Selection Process

Selection Process

A team of external and internal reviewers will evaluate all applications. In addition to the eligibility requirements described above, the strongest applicants will have a high degree of alignment with the vision laid out in the Healthy Schools Fund brochure and a proven ability to accelerate change for young people. Reviewers will score applications based on how well applicants demonstrate their resources and capabilities in the areas outlined and listed in the RFP.



Core Partners Blurb

Core Partners

America’s Promise has brought together five core partner organizations to help accelerate change at the local level and serve as the first front of a unified national movement for healthy children and healthy environments in schools. Grantees can expect to learn and collaborate with core partners throughout the course of the grant.

America's Promise Alliance
Communities in Schools
National Association of Community Health Centers
Turnaround for Children
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