Houston County, Georgia



Houston County empowers its youth through leadership programs, collaborative efforts to address youth challenges in the community and volunteer opportunities to serve others. The Hodac and Phoenix Center offers educational programs to discourage alcohol, tobacco and drug use among young people.  Youth leadership classes expose students to all aspects of the community, including government, education, social services, health care, industry and business. The Youth Kids’ Journey Collaborative brings together community partners to develop, implement and evaluate local challenges and meet goals to improve the community.  During the past year, Houston County teens contributed more than 18,000 hours of community service. 

Community Programs

  • The Hodac and Phoenix Center offers prevention education to students and parents about bullying, teen depression and suicide through the Phoenix Center Behavioral Health Services program.
    The Youth Kids’ Journey Collaborative brings together government, education, health, business, religious and civic leaders to address serious challenges in the community.
  • The Made 2B More SISTER (Stay in School to Excel, Rise and Succeed) program encourages and empowers girsl to make good choices and stay in school.
  • Volunteer Houston County (VHC) youth service programs connects youth with service programs to develop personal, social, civic and leadership skills.

Youth Voices

Hodac Teen Center is a place where I feel safe to go to do my homework and learn valuable lessons from the classes at the center’s headquarters.


My direct involvement in organizations like Perry Volunteer Outreach and the Rainbow House Children’s Resource Center allows me to help others and learn about myself as a person.