Knox County, KY Community Summit


Knox County, KY

Event Name

Knox County/Berea College GradNation Community Summit

Event Description

Since the 1870s, Berea College has served the Appalachian region by providing outreach services to mountain communities as well as college education for young people. We are able to address regional needs that fall within the College’s Great Commitments “by serving the Appalachian region primarily through education but also by other appropriate services.” Through Partners for Education, the College has been able to deepen our educational outreach work in Appalachian Kentucky.

Partners for Education at Berea College utilizes a place-based, student-focused approach to improve educational outcomes in Appalachian Kentucky. We braid services and align funding streams to optimize results. Through a suite of programs, including GEAR UPInvesting In Innovation (i3), Full-Service Community Schools and the first rural Promise Neighborhood, we serve more than 15,000 young people and their families. Our partners in this work are schools and community organizations located within our 20 county footprint.

As we continue to pull together partners and communities, the Knox County/Berea College GradNation Community Summit will focus on the barriers that hinder students from graduating high school. The Summit will feature: Keynote Speaker, Hasan Davis, former Kentucky Commissioner for Juvenile Justice; a performance by students who have overcome or are overcoming challenges to graduation; and facilitated sessions where community members map out a plan to battle these barriers and help students graduate high school. 

Event Date and Time

Monday, June 15, 2015

8:30 a.m.-3:00 p.m.

Event Location

Lynn Camp Middle/High School, Corbin, KY

Convening Organization

Sponsors/Co-conveners and Websites (optional): Knox County Schools;

Event Planner Contact Info: Kelli Moore, [email protected]

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Additional Details

Event Theme and/or Topics: Battling the barriers to graduation

Keynote Speaker(s):

Hasan Davis, former Kentucky Commissioner for Juvenile Justice

Featured Session(s):

Kids in crisis: when home life is an obstacle to education. Homelessness, teen pregnancy, foster care, incarcerated parents and drugs in the home—these are barriers some students face every morning before coming to school.

Not fit for school: when health issues affect educational success. Many Knox County students face health issues that affect their ability to succeed in school.

Engaging the disengaged student: finding a fit for every student. Quite often, success in school is not related to the academic skills of students, but to their desire to engage in school and their ability to find connections between school and their future.

Battling the culture of can’t: poverty’s effect on educational achievement. When students live in a cycle of poverty, serve as providers for their families, succumb to low expectations, or experience a lack of exposure to opportunities, educational aspirations often are limited.

Finding family time: engaging the disengaged family. Families with full schedules, grandparents raising grandchildren, or a perpetual cycle of under-education can create unintentional barriers that limit students' educational aspirations.