Lamoni, Iowa



This year marks the fifth time Lamoni has been named one of the nation’s 100 Best Communities for Young People.  Guided by America’s Promise Alliance’s Five Promises and the Search Institute’s 40 Developmental Assets, Lamoni is committed to ensuring all youth experience the critical life, health and academic supports they need to be successful. Lamoni’s commitment to service and collaboration is seen with the AmeriCorps programs both at their Youth Center, which provides a safe haven for youth, and through the AmeriCorps Youth Launch Program, where AmeriCorps members mentor students in need of caring adults. Lamoni’s Nutrition Program offers healthy snacks to children while teaching them the benefits of healthy choices, and its SAFE Community Coalition coordinates 16 action groups such as Youth Advocacy and Internet Safety to support area youth.

Community Programs

  • The Youth Center, managed by AmeriCorps members, offers a safe, drug-free place for youth during non-school hours as well as a meeting place for community organizations.
  • Lamoni City Council hired a City Recreation Director in 2011 to help coordinate youth and family recreation opportunities in the community.
  • A youth advocacy group from Lamoni conducted research and carried a version of the Keg Registration bill to the State Capitol in 2003; the bill was later passed in 2007 to support the efforts of Iowans to Reduce Underage Drinking.
  • The SAFE Community Coalition leads the Lamoni’s Promise team and holds regular meetings that include reports of all committees and task force activities.
  • The AmeriCorps Youth Launch program matches AmeriCorps members in the schools to mentor students and offer support.
  • Lamoni Community School participates in a Nutrition Program that teaches children about healthy food choices and will provide free fresh fruit and vegetable snacks daily in the fall of 2011.

Youth Voices

The teachers are interested in you and your education, and can help you on an individual level.


Lamoni is like one big family. When something needs to be done, everybody jumps in and wants to be involved.