Landfall, Minnesota



With an 18-year commitment to youth development, Landfall’s programs continue to demonstrate its dedication to local youth. The City of Landfall worked with FamilyMeans, a nonprofit human services agency, to develop summer and after-school programs for youth. Landfall also offers is a free tutoring program, Extra Innings, which is available for elementary through high school students. Students in the tutoring program work one-on-one with tutors two evenings per week for an entire school year.

Community Programs

  • FamilyMeans , is a nonprofit human services agency, that helped launch various summer and after-school programs for youth.
  • Extra Innings is a free tutoring program offered to local students from elementary to high school. Through this program, one-on-one tutors are available to students two evening a week for the entire school year. To participate in the program, parents, students and teachers are required to sign a contract that sets expectations and promotes communication about academic progress.
  • The Landfall Empowerment Coalition, is an informal group of city, school, law enforcement and nonprofit stakeholders that all work together to coordinate a community resource fair.
  • The Landfall Housing Authority teaches residents proper home winterization techniques that prevent water line freezing.

Youth Voices

I have worked at the FamilyMeans Landfall community center for two years. The community has given me trustworthy friends, things to do and I always feel safe here in Landfall.


I work for Family Means, a place where little kids can come and play and do art projects. I help translate for the community. We do football camp were we get coach and learn how to work with each other on a team.