Little Red Wagon


From the beginning — at the Presidents' Summit for America’s Future — the little red wagon has symbolized America’s promise to our young people. It was at this historic gathering in Philadelphia that America's Promise Alliance Founding Chairman, General Colin L. Powell, USA (Ret) unveiled the symbol of the organization: the little red wagon, a familiar symbol of childhood.

America's Promise chose to represent its mission with this simple yet powerful image. The little red wagon is a promise and a challenge. The wagon carried children’s dreams. Early on, we pull our children along and nurture them. As they grow, they begin to pull the wagon for themselves. If the load grows too heavy, people who care will help pull the weight. In time, children can carry back the gifts they’ve received to share with those behind them.

In the words of General Powell:

"Every child should have a little red wagon. All of you in one way or another were exposed to little red wagons when you were kids. And it brings back a memory of a wonderful childhood. That little red wagon that you used to use and pretend it was a rocket ship or a sled going down a hill. You used to put your brother or sister in it and pull them around or push them around or throw them over. Everyone had pleasant memory of this little red wagon."

"The most important part is the black handle that comes up. It is that black handle that allows an adult to reach down, pull the wagon along and make the way of life a little easier for a child who needs some help."