Milwaukee Dropout Prevention Summit

Summit Location: TBD


  • The Milwaukee Teachers’ Education Association (MTEA), with
    support from the Wisconsin Education Association Council (WEAC) and the
    National Education Association (NEA), will convene a summit in Milwaukee to
    promote understanding of the dropout crisis, learn about best practices, and
    mobilize the community.
  • In the district’s Working Together, Achieving More strategic plan, Milwaukee Public Schools has
    identified a goal of gradually increasing the graduation rates in MPS to 75% by
    2012. The most recent data shows the MPS graduation rate at 67%, which is on
    track according to the districts’ metrics in the strategic plan.
  • The summit objectives are:
    1. Increase the level of community awareness about the local dropout crisis.
    2. Explore best practices that stakeholders use in their work with young
    people that contribute to reduced dropout rates.
    3. Examine, build upon, and refine current plans that address the dropout
    crisis, and establish sustained commitment to the plan from a broad array
    of community stakeholders.
    4. Inspire local leaders to get involved in solving the local dropout crisis.

Summit Planning Team: TBD