Montgomery County, Dayton, Ohio


Montgomery County, Dayton, Ohio

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GradNation SUMMIT: Learn to Earn Dayton

Event Description

College and career readiness is essential for all your people. High school graduation is a necessary condition for success as an adult but it is not sufficient. Young people must exit high school prepared to pursue some type of marketable credential or degree program if they have any chance for a living wage job during their adult lives.

The GradNation SUMMIT: Learn to Earn Dayton will provide policy makers and practitioners an opportunity to meet and discuss a wide range of issues that are impacting the success of our young people. Young people will be invited to participate and share how schools either compromise or incentivize their academic success.

Presenters will include John Bridgeland from Civic Enterprises who will explore issues around community engagement to mitigate the likelihood that students will drop out of school; Superintendent Glen East of Gulfport , MS who will share how schools need to explore more fully the pathways to career and college success ( in order to reduce student disengagement); and state and local policymakers who will be available to share thoughts and reactions to a wide range of policies and program models designed to enhance student involvement that lead to high school graduation and post-secondary success.

Event Date and Time

May 16, 2015: 8:00am - 1:30pm

Event Location

University of Dayton, 1700 Building 

Convening Organization

Learn to Earn

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Local Sponsors & Co-Conveners:

The Dayton Foundation and the University of Dayton

Keynote Speaker(s):

John Bridgeland, Civic Enterprises and Glen East, Superintendent, Gulfport Mississippi Schools