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2014 Building a GradNation Report released

For the first time in U.S. history the nation’s high school graduation rate rose above 80 percent, according to the 2014 Building a GradNation Report released April 28 by Civic Enterprises, the Everyone Graduates CenterAmerica’s Promise Alliance and the Alliance for Excellent Education.

While more than eight in 10 public high school students are graduating on time, the Building a GradNation Report shows more good news: the number of students enrolled in dropout factories has dropped 47 percent over the last decade, students of color have led the way in increasing graduation rates and leaving dropout factory high schools, and these increases have come as standards to graduate have gotten tougher.

Getting to a 90 percent graduation rate by 2020 will require focus on key areas, including closing the opportunity gap, tackling big city challenges, making special education students part of the solution, focusing on California and accelerating the graduation rates for young men of color.

Reaching the 2020 goal will take a concerted, cross-sector effort to close graduation gaps and ensure all students have the educational opportunities and experiences that can take them into college and career.