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America’s Promise Alliance Welcomes the National Resilience Institute

America’s Promise Alliance is thrilled to announce the National Resilience Institute has joined the alliance as a national partner.

National Resilience Institute The National Resilience Institute (NRI) wants individuals and communities to feel prepared and empowered to respond to adversity with resilience and strength. They work to prepare individuals and communities with the skills and tools necessary to respond to traumatic disruptions with strength through collaborative research, education, and advocacy.

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What does it take to become a national partner?

National partners share the belief that youth and children are our nation’s top priority. Organizations that join the Alliance come from many fields and sectors, such as nonprofits, foundations, institutions, corporations, associations, faith-based groups and more.

By joining the Alliance, each organization is expected to support the GradNation campaign goals to reach a 90 percent national high school graduation rate by 2020 and increase postsecondary enrollment and success. 

View a list of national partners or submit an application to join the Alliance here!