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A Five-Step Plan for Peace: A New Way for Young People to Change the World

Do you work with young people interested in changing the world? Point them to the  Peace First Challenge and help them join an online community of peacemakers.

A global call to action to young people age 13 to 24, the Peace First Challenge empowers young advocates to develop a peacemaking project, such as an effort to foster empathy or one that fights an injustice in the world.

Peace First will support peacemakers by providing tools, investing in their ideas, and sharing their stories.

To become a peacemaker today, young people can follow these five steps:

  1. Choose an injustice. Violence. Poverty. Healthcare. What issue are you most passionate about? The first step of the Peace First Challenge is figuring out what problem it is you most want to solve. Find more information here.


  1. Work to understand the causes of this injustice. Change starts with “understanding other people’s positions and points of view in order to understand the complexity of a problem, its root causes, and possible solutions,” the Peace First Challenge website notes. Find more information here.
  1. Make a plan. The Peace First Challenge includes information on SMART goals, planning and budgeting, and reducing risk. Find more information here.

18-year-old Amit’s journey to becoming a peacemaker

  1. Take action. “Once you have the outline of a plan, the next step is to implement it, remembering that turning a plan into reality can be exciting and hard,” the website notes.

    This section includes information on tracking your progress and staying safe, plus advice on how to create surveys and collect community feedback. Find more information here.
  1. Reflect on your journey. Peace First Challenge sees reflecting as an essential part of the peacemaking process and suggests thinking about these questions: How has your journey changed you and your views? What differences have you made as a team? How can you share your story to inspire future peacemakers? Find more information here.

Young people ready to become peacemakers can accept the challenge and start a project now.