Group of nationally active young leaders to plan youth involvement at Building a Grad Nation Summit in March 2012

What’s the best way to prepare for youth involvement at the Building a Grad Nation Summit in March 2012? By creating a planning committee consisting of spectacular young leaders from across the country. For the past month, the Youth Engagement team at America’s Promise Alliance has been creating a committee of youth from across the country to act as planners and leaders for youth involvement at the Building a Grad Nation Summit in March 2012. However, the young leaders represented on this planning committee will not be the only youth attending the Summit; America’s Promise is ensuring that young leaders from across the country play an active role from start to finish.

The planning committee will mobilize these young leaders, starting with defining of the role of youth at the Summit and then planning a young leader-exclusive pre-conference prior to the Summit, where these leaders can begin to tackle the dropout crisis as a group of nationally active peers. America’s Promise wants youth to be in the spotlight throughout the Summit; actively participating in plenary and breakout sessions where their ideas will be heard by community leaders, educators, parents, local and national government officials and leaders of America’s Promise’s national partners. The planning committee will ensure that the youth involved in the Summit make the most out of their experience and take what they learn and apply it to the work they do with their peers in their communities.

The young leaders involved on this planning committee have a wide range of experiences with America’s Promise. Some such as Lawrence Harris and Tiffany Taylor are youth members of the America’s Promise Board of Directors and Alliance Trustees. Ki’tay Davidson is a past intern; and Colton Bradford and Lucy Tucker, both My Idea Grant winners, have represented America’s Promise and the Grad Nation campaign in national arenas. Tucker spoke at a conference in Louisiana and Bradford was featured on NBC’s Education Nation series this past September. 

Each of these young leaders has already proven that their unique experiences, with peers and organizations in their communities, results in promising campaigns to end the dropout crisis. Bringing these young leaders together to plan the role of youth at the Building a Grad Nation Summit is the next logical step in guaranteeing the best possible outcome for engaging youth at this year’s Summit.

Nonetheless, organizing a group of young leaders from across the country is no easy feat. Coordinating schedules aside, this collaboration of strong young leaders will plan and guide the experiences of their peers at this year’s Summit.  The planning committee is excited for the work that lies ahead and for playing a major role in engaging their peers at the Building a Grad Nation Summit.