Roadtrip Nation expands to six states, seeks collaborating partners

Alliance partner Roadtrip Nation, which develops career exploration resources to help students explore pathways aligned with their interests, has recently been awarded $1 million by AT&T and the AT&T Foundation to help them expand to new locales as well as to produce new mobile-friendly curricular resources. AT&T has made this award available through their Aspire program, which is the company’s $350 million multi-year commitment to education, focused on helping more students graduate from high school ready for college and careers. Through this opportunity, Roadtrip Nation will serve 10,000 high school students at risk of not graduating in six states: California, Texas, Florida, Georgia, New York, and Tennessee.

Throughout the Roadtrip Nation Experience curriculum, students will engage in self-reflection exercises to identify their interests, and they will gain exposure to educational and career pathways through Roadtrip Nation’s vast interview archive, which contains video interviews with hundreds of successful real-world leaders spanning every industry. To make the learning process more tangible to students’ lives, the culminating curriculum project will send students out on their own “Roadtrips” to interview local leaders in their communities who share their interests. Throughout the experience, students will connect to an online student community, where they can showcase their media projects, see the projects of fellow students, and connect with like-minded peers who share the same goals and social pressures.

A recent evaluation measuring the impact of the Roadtrip Nation Experience curriculum has shown that participating students demonstrate a significant increase in student self-efficacy matched with statistically-significant academic gains. Most notably, Roadtrip Nation students’ GPAs increased at twice the rate of non-Roadtrip Nation students over a nine-month period.

Roadtrip Nation is currently seeking collaborating partners for this new initiative. The organization believes that a strong community network is important for student success; therefore, they seek to partner with student-centered organizations that will contribute to a holistic approach for such success. Ideal partners include continuation/alternative education high school networks such as AVID (which is currently a partner). To learn more about partnership opportunities, please contact Hannah Johnson via email or calling (949) 764-9121 x. 202.