TASC report features new Grad Tracker tool to identify kids at-risk of school failure

The After-School Corporation (TASC) has released Unlocking the Power of Expanded Learning Time: Year Two Report on TASC ELT, which highlights the second year of its three-year Expanded Learning Time pilot and introduces a new Grad Tracker tool under production. The Grad Tracker tool uses the “ABCs” indicators to identify kids at risk for school failure and measures whether elementary and middle school students are on track to graduate on time from high school.

The full report includes:

  • An analysis of student need, which finds that more than two-thirds of students in schools where TASC is working to implement
  • Expanded Learning Time show early warning signs of dropping out
  • A new strategy for benchmarking student results
  • A look at how school-community partner teams are using more learning hours to meet students’ needs
  • Early lessons learned

The Grad Tracker helps gauge students’ progress toward graduation by analyzing three categories of New York City Department of Education student and school data. They include grades and test scores, school attendance and incidence of school suspensions. The tracker also measures how many students in TASC ELT elemen­tary and middle schools are on track to graduate; how many are closing in on that status; and how many are not on track to graduate, putting them at risk for dropping out.

The three benchmarks used to gauge whether students are on track to graduate include:

  • Proficiency in math and English as measured by standardized test scores and grades
  • Excellent school attendance
  • No incidence of school suspensions

As the students get older, the Grad Tracker bench­marks are adjusted. TASC has developed benchmarks for four age groups: Grades K-2, 3-5, 6-8 (middle school) and 9-to-12 (high school).

The After-School Corporation (TASC) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to giving all kids opportunities to grow through after-school and summer activities that support, educate and inspire them. TASC’s vision is that kids from all backgrounds will have access to the range of high quality activities beyond the school day that every family wants for their children: experiences that support their intellectual, creative and healthy development and help them to be their best, in and out of school.