Mother Holding a sad child


VIDEO: Help Kids Prepare for Natural Disasters

From Harvey to Irma, these recent natural disasters have offered important reminders about the need to be prepared—and Save the Children has come up with a unique way to make sure kids get the message.
For National Preparedness Month, Save the Children has produced a fun song and dance that teaches kids the basics of emergency preparedness. Plus, it keeps them moving during break time, afterschool, or at home:

Less than half of American families have an emergency plan, Save the Children reports, but children can be powerful change agents in leading the movement (literally and figuratively) towards preparedness.
So this September, join 50,000+ children across the U.S. in learning the importance of knowing their In Case of Emergency (ICE) contacts, making a plan, and packing a go-bag. Supplement messages with free turnkey Prep Step lessons and send-home family resources as desired to meet the needs of your program or family.
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