Norwood, Ohio



Norwood, a two-time 100 Best winner, continues to make young people a priority by developing initiatives to reduce the dropout rate, support youth activism and offer a range of educational programs. Over the past decade, the community has increased its graduation rate by 13 percent and has focused students on post-graduate goals by filling the high school walls with college banners, photos of alumni who went to college and posters about post-secondary studies and careers. Norwood schools are also committed to offering a range of services to students of all ages. Local schools are using a 21st Century Learning Grant to expand services, including 70 different clubs, to elementary, middle and high school students.

Community Programs

Youth Voices

The “Wise Women” program was an excellent addition to Norwood’s middle school this year. Speakers come to talk about their past and give tips to girls on how to keep going even when you feel you can’t.

-Hannah, 13 

The girls’ club is one of my favorite groups. It taught me about growing up and making good choices. The club also helped me to make friends.

-Michelle, 18