Congrats graduates in the class of 2018


10 Tips for Graduating High School Seniors

Maggie Wiley

As students across the country have graduated from high school, we know that the transition into the “real world” can be a challenge. Here are 10 tips that will help make the transition a little easier.

1. Go on a road trip with friends before college. It may seem cliché, but a day trip with your besties can be the best final goodbye. A road trip gives you a new feeling of independence, and it doesn’t have to be very far! It could be downtown, or the next state over. Just sit back, relax, and cruise.


2. Celebrate your accomplishments. Let’s face it, graduating high school is a big deal! Don’t forget to give yourself the credit you deserve.


3. Enjoy your time at home and spend time with your family because you will definitely miss them while you’re away. Your parents may have been quirky around your friends, and sometimes even annoying, but they’ve put a lot of work into supporting you throughout your entire academic career (and your normal life too!) Make sure that you take the time to thank them and spend time with them. And when you’re with them, make sure you give them your undivided attention.


4. Find something you’re passionate about and invest some time into it. It could be something you loved to do in high school or a new-found interest. Passions can keep you from being bored in the summer and keep your brain and body active while waiting for the fall semester to come around.


5. Relax, you don’t need your whole life planned out now. A lot of new grads feel like they have to know and plan out the next four years of their life and on. You’re young, be flexible, be present, and enjoy. Think about it this way, you’ll never be surrounded by this many people your age again, so YOLO.


6. Start saving money as soon as you can. Investing now can have a lot of pay off at the end of your college career! If you don’t already have one, open up a savings account and put in $20 every payday. You’ll thank yourself on a rainy day.


7. Hold no regrets. Living with regrets can taint your view of the future, keep you from growing, and hurt you in the end. Try not to hold too many regrets from high school and going forward in life. You’re human – you make mistakes. Learn to forgive yourself and think of it as a learning experience.


8. Be open to new experiences. Chances are, you’ve spent the last four years with the same group of friends, doing the same after school activities, and taking the same classes. Don’t be afraid to open your doors to new people and opportunities! College and the outside world has so much more to offer than what you were exposed to within those four walls of high school.


9. This is an opportunity to reinvent yourself. Don’t take anything from anyone. The you from high school is long gone! Take graduation as a chance for a fresh start. Find ways to make yourself more confident. Try a new fashion trend, style your hair in a way you wouldn’t have dreamed of before, start listening to different music - become the person you that you’ve always wanted to be. Don’t let anyone stop you!


10. Let the good times roll!