Grads with hats


Welcome to the GradNation Blog

Welcome to the brand new GradNation blog that we are launching today.

Like most blogs, this one starts small and humble. And like all blog hosts, we aspire to big things: We want the GradNation blog to be a must-see digital destination for anyone with a passion for creating greater opportunities for at-risk young people. If you come with us – adding your voice to the conversations we will start – we’ll reach that aspiration together, and the GradNation blog will become that place where useful and provocative content is posted, discussed and debated.

From time to time you will hear from me, and from others on the America’s Promise team.  We promise to do our best to be informative and interesting. Perhaps most exciting is that you will also hear from leaders from all sectors at work improving youth outcomes. And you will hear from youth who will fuel the GradNation campaign with inspiring thoughts of their own.

Here’s what this blog won’t be: just a big pile of words. Sure, we’ll write about most things, but we all like blogs with a good mix of multimedia content. So we’re always on the lookout for great visuals and video that we can all enjoy and share in service to the GradNation campaign.

Most of all, we want this blog to be highly participatory. Don’t just come read us – say something. Talk back to the blog posts that move you to do so. Share great posts with your own network of friends and colleagues. And if you have something really good to contribute – talk to us about becoming GradNation blogger yourself.

Tomorrow is a big day for America’s Promise Alliance, so we want you to come back to see what’s happening. We will release our first original report in many years, called Don’t Call Them Dropouts. It contains important insights about what is happening for and with young people who aren’t graduating from high school on time, or at all. You will find a quick video preview below that gives a flavor of the report.

Thanks for all your interest in and support of the work of America’s Promise and the GradNation campaign, and we look forward to seeing you back in this space often.