Philadelphia, PA Community Summit


Philadelphia, PA

Event Name

Rising to the Challenge: Expanding Citywide Commitment to Narrow the Skills Gap 

Event Description

The summit theme, Rising to the Challenge: Expanding Citywide Commitment to Narrow the Skills Gap will address bridging the skills gap between secondary education, college and Philadelphia’s workforce to ensure our young people are prepared for economic success through four main avenues:

  • Reengagement
  • Enriched Preparation
  • Post-Secondary Bridging
  • Workforce Preparation/Career Exposure

During the summit, we will assess progress made towards narrowing the skills gap, celebrate our successes and refocus on the challenges that lie ahead. Representatives from various sectors will be invited to forge connections by joining local and national organizations and community leaders uniting to empower more young Philadelphians to graduate from high school on time and prepare for college, careers and successful futures.

The summit will conclude with a Call to Action to drive momentum and coordinated action from the all stakeholders in attendance. The ultimate measure of success will be an increase in awareness, engagement, sustained action and ultimately greater impact and outcomes for Philadelphia’s young people. The end goal is that the summits be action-forcing events that inspire and mobilize all segments of the community to work toward better outcomes for youth. 

Event Date and Time

Friday, June 12, 2015, 8:00am-4:00pm

Event Location

Chemical Heritage Foundation
315 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia PA, 19106

Convening Organization

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Additional Details

Local Sponsors & Co-Conveners:  America’s Promise Alliance, Project U-Turn, AT&T, Cozen and O'Connor and IBM

Keynote Speaker(s):  Jennifer Kemp (U.S. Department of Labor)

Opening Speakers: Danielle Wilson (Youth MC), Chrystal Morris Murphy (America’s Promise), Joe Divis (National Sponsor), Mayor Michael A. Nutter, Chekemma Fulmore-Townsend (Project U-Turn)                                           

Discussion Panelists: Nelson Reyes (Taggart School), Mamadou Ndiaye (Jobs for the Future), Carlos Ruiz (E3 Center North), Dearrickia Withers (CADI Grad)

Ignite Talk Speakers: Michelle Feist (U.S Department of Education), Simran Sidhu (Youth Build Charter School), Nick Mathern (Gateway to College National Network), Michael Cooper (City of Philadelphia)

Closing Speakers: Cynthia Figueroa (Congreso de Latinos Unidos) and Dr. William Hite (School District of Philadelphia)

Featured Session(s):

Reengagement, Enriched Preparation, Post-Secondary Bridging, Workforce Development/Career Exposure/Employer Engagement