2021 Power of Youth Challenge

In 2021, America's Promise funded 374 youth-led service projects as part of the 2021 Power of Youth Challenge. The Power of Youth Challenge is an initiative to provide young people who are making a difference in their communities with direct financial support and coaching to further their efforts. This round of grants was made possible through the generous support of The Allstate Foundation, which is dedicated to empowering youth with the social emotional learning and service learning skills needed to succeed and lead, and the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation, which supports nonprofits around the world that promote a just, equitable, and sustainable society, including organizations that empower young people through service.

2021 POY
Throughout 2021
2021 POY
Throughout 2021, youth leaders have been working to create more just and inclusive communities with the support of grants from America’s Promise Alliance’s Power of Youth Challenge.
Amidst a year and a half of uncertainty caused by a global pandemic, students experienced a school year unlike any other. Remote learning, cancelled extracurricular activities, and virtual graduation ceremonies gave high school students a wholly unique, and unexpected, academic experience. What remained unchanged, though, was the drive of these young people to help their communities.