Press Release

John Gomperts, America's Promise, weighs in on ESEA announcement

John Gomperts, president & CEO of America’s Promise Alliance, issued a statement in response to Secretary Arne Duncan’s announcement this morning about the Elementary and Secondary Education Act and the ensuing debate around ESEA and potential replacement of No Child Left Behind:
“Delivering a world class education and getting more young people to succeed in school is a vital national priority, so I am glad to see 2015 start with spirited debate about education policy.  That is just the debate leaders in Washington and around the country should be having right now.  I hope Americans pay close attention and participate,” said John Gomperts, president & CEO of America’s Promise Alliance. “The nation is making progress — for the first time more than 80 percent of high school students are graduating on time and the country is on track to meet the GradNation campaign goal of a 90 percent on-time graduation rate by 2020.  How we continue that progress and provide top-flight education to all young people in America is a discussion we encourage.”