Press Release

Statement from America’s Promise on Forced Separation of Children at the U.S. Border

John Gomperts, president & CEO of America’s Promise Alliance, the nation’s largest network dedicated to improving the lives of children and youth, has issued the following statement in response to the forced separation of children and parents at the U.S. border:

“Forcibly separating migrant children from their parents at border crossings is wrong and counter to our ideals as a nation.  America’s Promise believes all children deserve caring adults, safe places and a healthy start, no matter their immigration status. The actions being taken and the trauma they cause will have lasting effects on the lives of the children separated and detained. If we believe in the sanctity of families and protection of children, then America must do better. We have a collective responsibility to protect the most vulnerable among us – children. Along with our Alliance partners like the American Academy of Pediatrics and AASA, The School Superintendents Association, we implore our nation’s leaders to move swiftly to end this appalling injustice.”