Providence, Rhode Island

  • Community name:  Providence
  • Website:
  • Population:  178,042
  • Graduation rate:  57.0%
  • Youth poverty rate:  41.2%


Four-time 100 Best winner Providence was honored for its commitment to youth enrichment by providing a combination of high-quality, after-school programs and community leadership opportunities. The city’s AfterZone program, an initiative of the nationally recognized Providence After School Alliance, serves more than 1,600 middle school youth annually after school at school-centered “campuses” located around the city that provide programming in academic enrichment, arts, life skills and sports. Providence also allows its young people to take leadership roles in the community. The Youth4Change Alliance is a coalition of four youth organizations—Direct Action for Rights and Equality, the Providence Youth Student Movement, Young Voices, and Youth In Action—that allows young people to act as decision-makers in public policy. The Alliance created the Providence Youth Bill of Rights to address issues of importance to youth including education, employment, health, safety and transportation.

Community Programs

  • Mayor Angel Taveras’ Children and Youth Cabinet (CYC) is a public-private collaboration of more than 100 educators, organizations and agencies to strategize and implement short- and long-term plans for attendance, grade-level reading, high school success, and college and career preparation. Educate Providence, a committee of CYC, focuses on improving these collaborations in and out of school to improve youth outcomes from cradle to career.
  • Providence After School Alliance is a citywide system of safe, affordable, out-of-school opportunities for students to support their academic success and improve their physical and emotional health. AfterZone, a program of the Alliance, provides school-centered ‘campuses’ for activities. 
  • Institute for the Study & Practice of Nonviolence offers long-term solutions to violence challenges, including advocacy and mentoring programs.
  • Youth4Change Alliance is a coalition of four youth leadership organizations which provide young people with opportunities to act as decision-makers in public policy. 
  • Youth In Action offers youth the ability to participate in youth-led community outreach and youth-written non-violence, health and civic engagement curricula.

Youth Voices

“Looking at the current landscape of Providence gives me great hope, because if investing in young people is an appropriate forecasting tool for a city’s future, the future of Providence is incredibly promising.”


“Before YouthBuild I was always getting into trouble, always partying, and always being careless. Ever since I’ve been in YouthBuild I have been working harder here than I had been working in regular high school.”