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All of Who I Am

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June 24, 2020

More and more leaders are expressing support for a holistic approach to learning and development, but until now, less was known about how young people themselves perceive and experience these approaches. This report features insights from young people from across the country regarding their personal experiences with social, emotional, and cognitive learning.

How Learning Happens Research Series
How Learning Happens Research Series

All of Who I Am is the foundational report of the How Learning Happens research series. The report, based on a qualitative study of interviews with more than 100 young people from across the country, directly shares youth perspectives on the integration of social, emotional, and cognitive development in their own exemplar learning settings. The report’s title, drawn from a young person’s own words, encapsulates the biggest insight from the report and from the research series as a whole: that supportive learning environments are nurturing young people’s sense of themselves as valued, multi-dimensional community members. Additionally, six interconnected themes emerged from listening to the young people across the research sites. All six—relationships, belonging, meaningful learning, intentionality, agency, and identity development—are important aspects of young people’s learning experiences, both individually and working in concert with one another.









The 5 Promises

The 5 Promises represent conditions children need to achieve adult success. The collective work of the Alliance involves keeping these promises to America’s youth. This article relates to the promises highlighted below:

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