Roxbury, New Jersey


  • Community name: Roxbury
  • Community or city website   
  • Population: 23,548
  • Graduation rate: 94.4%
  • Youth poverty rate: 0.6% 


Throughout the past three years, Roxbury has received $504,500 in grants, which has been used to fund after school programs and recreational facilities. Roxbury's largest collaborative project, Imagination Station, received $20,000 in donations and brought together more than 1,500 volunteers to rebuild a 19-year old playground.  Because young people are a priority in the city of Roxbury, adults and mentors encourage youth leadership skills development through community service projects. More than 200 programs serve 2,000 children through this initiative. The school district now graduates 94.4 percent of students, and this 2011 recognition marks an exciting first win for Roxbury.

Community Programs

  • Back to School Programs, funded by local business and social services donates food, gift cards and school supplies to anyone near or below the poverty level.
  • Friends of Social Services , a non-profit group, aids Social Services by providing money to Roxbury residents to help pay for heating and childcare.
  • Imagination Station, a 19-year old playground, was collaboratively rebuilt by 1,502 volunteers, and was funded for generously by Home Depot, Roxbury Chamber of Commerce, the Rotary Club, The Kiwanis Club, Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts.
  • The Township of Roxbury Recreation Department and the Roxbury Community School offer more than 200 programs for youth in the township including Wrap Around Programs and Teen Center activities.

Youth Voices

Not only does Roxbury come together to help individuals in need, but last year Roxbury residents rebuild a community playground. The one that was there was unsafe, so the old playground came down and then a bigger and  handicap accessible bigger one went up! It was done in five days!


Programs in the schools, such as the music and arts departments, have provided many youth with a new passion.