Schenectady, NY Community Summit


Schenectady, NY

Event Name

“Keep It Real”: Shaping a Community that Cares about Youth”

Convening Organization

The Schenectady Foundation and its partners in the Call to Action for Schenectady’s Youth are convening the Schenectady GradNation Community Summit

Event Description

“Keep It Real:  Shaping a Community that Cares About its Youth”
Making Good on the Call to Action for Youth
Wednesday, May 25th at Proctors Theatre in Schenectady
9 am – 4 pm

The Schenectady Foundation and its partners committed to the “Call to Action for Schenectady’s Youth” were selected by America’s Promise Alliance to host a GradNation Youth Summit in 2016.  The Summit will bring together more than 400 educators, businesses, parents, law enforcement, government, non-profit sector and community leaders and – most importantly – youths, in frank and open dialogue exploring the state of our youth.

We will identify community priorities by looking through the youth lens, and devise actionable steps leading to improved youth outcomes in school, at work and in the community. The Youth Summit will engage youths, giving them voice and involvement in building their own futures, and bridging critical community resources that they need to excel.  Highlights of the Summit:

  • Explore the state of our youth through interactive gatherings focused on how we can make college or career a reachable goal for more Schenectady youths.
  • Afternoon workshops will take a deep dive into key issues affecting youth, and bring caring adults and youths to the table to better understand and address them together.
  • Experience a World Café style community conversation to identify concrete steps we can take to improve youth outcomes and increase the number of caring adults in their lives.
  • The Summit culminates in adoption of specific action steps to advance the goals of the Call to Action for Youth.

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Local Sponsors & Co-Conveners:

  • MVP Health Care
  • Trustco Bank
  • 1st National Bank of Scotia
  • The Galesi Group
  • Proctors Theatre
  • Neil & Jane Golub
  • Wright Family Foundation
  • The Schenectady Foundation

Keynote Speakes:

  • All our speakers are local, home-grown talent.  Our confirmed contributors at the podium are:
  • Robert Carreau, Executive Director, The Schenectady Foundation
  • Dennis Green, Boys Day Out
  • Jamaica Miles, Girls Incorporated of the Greater Capital District
  • Dr. Steady Moono, President, Schenectady County Community College
  • Larry Spring, Superintendent, Schenectady City School District
  • Lt. Mark McCracken, Schenectady Police Department
  • Various youth speakers and panelists

Featured Sessions:

  • Youth Voices Video Project
  • Cradle:  a short documentary on teen pregnancy in Schenectady
  • Music performance by the cast of Cradle
  • “SchenecTED” Talks:  Caring Adults, Safe Places & Opportunities to Help Others
  • Making College or Career a Reachable Goal for Every Student
  • The World Café – What does a community that cares about its youth look like?

Workshops include:

  • The Mentoring Relationship – Going Together Like Chocolate and Peanut Butter
  • Bridges to Youth – The “R” Rules & Community Coaching
  • Making College or Career a Reachable Goal:  Designing Your Personal Plan
  • Fire Me Please, or…..Please, Don’t Fire Me!
  • Activating your Voice in Government and Community
  • “Winning at Life – Stack the Odds in Your Favor with “Social Capital”
  • Overcoming Adversity and Navigating a Changing World
  • Music & (Social) Media Matters
  • StartUP 101: Entrepreneurism and Starting Your Own Business
  • Chart Our Future:  Create a “State of Our Youth” Dashboard