St. Louis Park, Minnesota


  • Community name: St. Louis Park
  • Community or city website
  • Population:  44,470 people
  • Graduation rate:  95.2%
  • Youth poverty rate:  9.2% 


St. Louis Park has dedicated the past 20 years to transforming the way the community sees its young people with a specific focus on embracing cultural diversity. Three elementary schools are authorized International Baccalaureate World Schools and a fourth is a Spanish Immersion School. By investing $3 million a year in youth programs during non-school hours, St. Louis Park makes young people their priority, now graduating 95.2 percent of students. Through the successful implementation of programs such as BARR, Children’s First and HEROES, students have access to leadership opportunities and quality education. By increasing youth involvement in community service projects, children learn valuable lessons about themselves and others. This marks the fifth win for St. Louis Park.

Community Programs

  • Meadowbrook Collaborative has operated for 20 years in St. Louis Park's low-income neighborhood of 1200 people as a partnership between the city, school, health care system and YMCA to provide youth programming and family support.
  • Building Assets--Reducing Risk (BARR) Program sets high expectations for students and teachers, encouraging them to be their best and address concerns including academic failure, the achievement gap, increasing attendance, decreasing disciplinary incidents and the use of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs.
  • HEROES, a community service group, encourages students to participate in projects and run for elected positions including school judge and classroom helper.
  • Children First is a program of the Superintendent's Student Advisory Council run by two equal co-chairs, St. Louis Park School Superintendent Debra Bowers and high school senior Kelsey Reid. This facilitates open communication and allows for suggestions based on first-hand experience.

Youth Voices

The Youth Development Committee gathers children from any age group and lets them volunteer at shelters, schools and the St. Louis Park community and helps them follow a path of success for the future.


I joined Admission Possible when I was a junior and that has been a rewarding experience. Without Admission Possible, I would have never done as well on the ACT, and it has inspired me to work even harder in my classes to get ready for college.