St. Petersburg, Florida



St. Petersburg has awakened the resources of the corporate community to ensure a first-rate education for their young people.  Teen Arts, Sports and Cultural Opportunities (TASCO) program offers a variety of positive youth development programs for teens in grades six to twelve.  TASCO offers hands-on work experience for high school students and the opportunity to earn volunteer service hours toward academic credit and college scholarships.  In the past ten years, more than 1,000 Doorways Scholarships (a partnership of the City of St. Petersburg and Pinellas Education Foundation) have been awarded to low income students, representing over $10 million in grants.  This has allowed the Doorways Scholarship program to graduate 22 percent more students than Florida's average, and a total 84 percent of St. Petersburg students.  This marks the fifth win for St. Petersburg in the competition.

Community Programs

  • TASCO, Teen Arts, Sports & Cultural Opportunities, offers a variety of programs for teens including volunteer/job training, hands on work experience and scholarships or academic credit for volunteer service hours.
  • Doorways Scholarships , a partnership between the City of St. Petersburg and the Pinellas Education Foundation, has raised $10.5 million to fund 1,120 scholarships for low-income students.
  • Safe Place2B offers short-term residences to troubled or at-risk youth ages ten to seventeen, where they are provided individual and group counseling, life-skills education and recreational activities.
  • The Total Family Strategy Program (TFS) supports and strengthens young families be offering in-home individual and family counseling, goal planning, assessment, solution-based therapy and access to quality childcare.

Youth Voices

What brings ease to my mind is to know that I have a Doorways Sponsor that has provided me the opportunity to attend college. This reassures me that my hard work in school to maintain high academic grades will pay off. Words can‘t express how appreciative I am to receive this scholarship. As the eldest of six siblings my biggest responsibility is to exemplify success, and the Doorways Scholarship will help make that possible.


Saint Petersburg’s recreation centers are all great. All recreation centers are very clean inside and out. They are all very nice places to send your children if you work late hours or early hours. All rec. centers provide a before and after school program.