Craig McClay

Advisor for Youth Engagement, Center for Promise

Craig McClay serves as Advisor for Youth Engagement at the Center for Promise. Craig was born in Baton Rouge before moving to Boston as a teenager in 1988. Shortly after arriving in Boston, Craig began working with young people. For over twenty-five years he has engaged, recruited, trained, organized, supervised, hired, mentored, and supported thousands of young people as they develop into dynamic leaders at home, school and in their communities. As a lifelong student in the art and science of group facilitation, Craig's passion for social justice fuels his drive to create environments that engage people and provide opportunities to share dreams and celebrate diversity, while aligning values with resources and taking concrete steps together to problem solve and discover ways to create pathways for happier and healthier life outcomes for all.J. Craig McClay serves as the Youth Engagement Specialist at America's Promise. McClay, a native of Baton Rouge, LA moved to Boston, MA as a teenager in the late 1980's, a time when inner city neighborhoods were plagued with crime and violence.  New to Boston, Craig began working with other young people on a range of social justice issues including, but not limited to job creation, fair housing, quality education, public health and safety.  After experiencing and witnessing the power of full youth engagement, he was a believer. 

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