Elizabeth Pufall Jones

 Elizabeth   Pufall Jones
Senior Research Scientist, Center for Promise

Dr. Elizabeth Pufall Jones is a senior research scientist at the Center for Promise, focusing on the Center's qualitative research agenda. Her background is in cultural psychology, particularly the processes associated with a multi-cultural individual’s navigation and negotiation of the multiple cultural worlds in which they live, and how these processes influence youths' development of their ethnic, racial, and cultural identities. Elizabeth's work with the Center has been instrumental in developing our understanding of the lived experiences of risk-immersed youth, and she is an author on both the Don't Call Them Dropouts and Don't Quit on Me reports.  Currently, she is the project director for the Center’s Youth Opportunity Fund research examining how webs of relationships influence youths' workforce and life readiness. Dr. Pufall Jones received her Ph.D. in Child Development from the Eliot Pearson Department of Child Development at Tufts University, her M.A. in Educational Psychology from The University of Colorado Denver, and her B.A. from Smith College.

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