Submitted by Samantha Duberstein on Fri, 01/04/2019 - 16:37
Youth Board Member, America's Promise Alliance

Michael Shafer is self-described cowboy and 19-year-old student from Harvard University. He grew up in a rural community where there was food disparity and poor educational outcomes, both of which he witnessed at his own school. While in high school, he served as a state ambassador for the National 4H Council and won $35,000 in grant funding to bring technology to his local high school. In his time at Harvard, he has presented to members of the legislator on how devastating hunger can be in the life of a child and how it affects their performance at school. Michael’s goal in life is to help people. At a young age he was diagnosed with ADD and ADHD, so he understands the importance of meeting young people where there, especially as it pertains to learning style.

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